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Crescendo completed normal mode Throne of Thunder last Sunday (4/15/2013), getting the server first kill and maintaining our rank of #1 on Garrosh!  Let's keep it up and knock out some heroic modes, now!
Finaly, after 6 months of weekly raids and hard work, Crescendo is now 8/8H and #1 Alliance Guild! Good job everyone, it was a team effort. Thanks to everyone for sticking and making Crescendo the #1 Alliance guild!

Special thanks to: Saphiel, Göstav, Mardix, Luckylori, Tazmarö, Deadsights, Dolt, Delirium, Lucean, Dubhe and Skru!!

Another thank you goes to Undying, who participated in our progression before he had to take a break from the game.

P.S. We'll get the kill for you next week Skru!!

Old news: Spine down!

mard a posted May 9, 12
Madness is mere hours away (in raid time).
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